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    Context:Friends Season 1 Episode 1. Monica is introducing Rachel to her friends.

    Monica:Okay,everybody. This is Rachel,another Lincoln High survivor.

    By"another Lincoln High survivor", does Monica want to express that Rachel's score was poor when Rachel was a student in Lincoln High School ?

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    No, I wouldn't take it as a comment on Rachel's grades in school. I would assume that Monica simply meant that they had all survived the years of hard work in Lincoln High School, and Rachel had attended the same school.
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    My impression, without having seen the episode, is that high school was an experience she lived through, rather than its being a wonderfully happy experience. Quite often that's not because of grades but because of the atmosphere and other students. Kids tend to pick on each other, so high school is not a great experience for many -- just something they have to get through.

    I don't look back on high school with any particular fondness, for example.

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    I think it's just a jokey way of saying "Rachel also went to Lincoln High School." It could imply something negative about the high school experience (my impression from watching the show is that Monica didn't have an easy time in high school, but I don't think that was the case for Rachel), but it doesn't have to.
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    Thank you.

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