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"The actor Rip Torn was known for his versatility. He could play stern. He could play grumpy for laughs or completely sell an outrageous role. "

What's the meaning of "sell" here? I assume it to be "take", but is this a common usage?

source: Character Actor Rip Torn Dies At 88
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    One casual way to say you believe something is to say "I'll buy that."

    A: John says he never would have turned down the temperature in the fish tank if he had known it would kill all the fish.
    B: I'll buy that.

    B is saying that he believes John's explanation that he was unaware of what would happen. John was being honest when he said he didn't kill all the fish on purpose. B "buys" John's story.

    So "sell" is the flip side of "buy" in this context.

    He could...completely sell an outrageous role.

    He could do such a good job that people would "buy" it. They would see his performance as very believable, even though the role he was playing was extreme.
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