another "nor” instead of “or” in same sentence?

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  1. Touchito

    Touchito Member

    Las Vegas, NV., USA
    (Mex) Spanish
    Hello, again!

    Please, tell me if this paragraph posted yesterday in this forum by Quiendijo is correctly written or if in “or any news about” it should be used “another nor” instead of “or”. Proper use of either-or and neither-nor is confusing.

    Thank you very much for any answer.
    Touchito (Mexican)
  2. Peterdg

    Peterdg Senior Member

    Dutch - Belgium
    Which paragraph are you talking about? What's the complete sentence and context?
  3. frida-nc

    frida-nc Moduladora

    North Carolina
    English USA
    Hi Touchito:
    You are in effect continuing the thread you speak of. You need to continue it in the thread itself. Since the subject of that thread is
    "nor," your question is still on topic.

    This thread will remain closed. Sorry for the trouble.
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