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a. I ate a cookie again.
b. I ate another cookie again.

Are both sentences grammatically correct?
Is there any difference in the meanings?

I prefer (b), but I think they both work and mean the same.

The sentences are mine.

Many thanks.
  • RobloxAtChristmas834

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    My grammar isn't the best in fact I literally asked a grammar question about my native language

    The first question makes sense

    The 2nd one doesn't sound right to my ears because of the last word (again) so saying it without the again would be grammatically correct
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    I agree with RobloxAtChristmas. The first sentence is fine and the second one would be good without 'again,'

    The problem is that 'again' and 'another' mean approximately the same thing in your second sentence: You ate a cookie and then you ate one more cookie. (Their meanings might not be so close in a different sentence.)
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