1. ShineLikeStars Senior Member

    English - Canada
    Bonjour !

    Context: two old friends trying to arrange plans, but aren't able to meet due to scheduling conflicts. HOw would you translate another time soon in the sentence below:

    English: I'm really sorry that I won't be able to make it. This is really disappointing that I won't get to see you, but another time soon I hope !

    French: ... mais une autre fois très bientôt j'espère !

    Merci beaucoup !
  2. LART01

    LART01 Senior Member

    La Haye Pays-Bas

    Oui, ça marche. Ou encore:

    mais on se dit à la prochaine (fois), j'espère!
    mais peut-être à la prochaine...
    mais peut-être à une prochaine fois...
  3. ShineLikeStars Senior Member

    English - Canada
    Merci beaucoup pour toutes vos suggestions, LART01 !

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