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    I'm afraid i didn't get what you mean by "I'm in the midst of a project (???) where I have the word bienvenue pon the page twice".

    Can you give more precision ?


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    Maybe more context would help. In the abstract, its hard to be sure. For instance, would it be appropriate to say something like "We're pleased to see you here" rather than "welcome" ?


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    I can still give you some propositions, but I still don't know what's the context from which you want to welcome your "audience" (if what you're doing is an oral presentation). You say that you have the word "bienvenue" twice on the page, but why do you want to use another word ? Why not simply say "Bienvenue" and that's all :confused:. What kind of message do you what to transmit (comic tone ??).

    For instance when you guest someone to your home you can welcome them by saying:

    "Faites comme chez vous !!"

    But in your case i don't get what's the tone/context whereby want to use it.


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    "Bienvenue" is the only polite expression to say "Wellcome".
    You can say :
    "Je vous souhaite la bienvenue"
    "Soyez les bienvenus (for men)/ bienvenues (for women)"
    "Sois le bienvenu (one male)/ la bienvenue (one female)"

    or, but more colloquial "Salut" for "Hi".

    Hope it helps
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