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  1. Paopunky10 New Member

    Big Spring, Espanol
    hi well im a junior at big spring high school. and i have this english hw and its killing me. i need to translate a poem into my own words and im having a hard time doind it. so can yall help me? not all the poem of course just some phrases like this one:

    It's in the reach of my arms
    The span of my hips,
    The stride of my step,
    The curl of my lips.

  2. Ecossaise Senior Member

    Your homework - you do it. Comments can then be made.
  3. Paopunky10 New Member

    Big Spring, Espanol
    lol oh my gosh! ok......i guess
  4. Paopunky10 New Member

    Big Spring, Espanol
    ok i tried to do it. but im pretty sure im wrong:

    its the way i expand my arms
    the distance between my lips
    the long steps i always take
    the shape of my mouth

    omg! do i just suck at this?
  5. AngelEyes

    AngelEyes Senior Member

    English - United States

    Can you paraphrase in your own words what the whole poem is about?

    I don't mean give us every single detail. But what's the main theme of the thing? Is it romantic? Is it about Life and how we go through it?

    So far, I can't tell at all! :D

    And are you supposed to actually re-write it in your own words, or analyze the philosophy behind it?

  6. Paopunky10 New Member

    Big Spring, Espanol
    i have to rewrite it in my own words i can add a little bit more if i want/need to.

    the poem is Phenomenal Woman by Maya angelou.
  7. AngelEyes

    AngelEyes Senior Member

    English - United States
    I just went and read it.

    I'll give you a hint:

    Think of what makes a woman great. Go under the surface of what society says is the perfect beauty and into the inner woman.

    Consider how self-acceptance is wonderful to have.

    Pretend you're blind and figure out how you would tell a woman you agree she's beautiful.

    Because this woman in this poem is telling you what she's thinks makes her great. And wonderful.

    I hope this helps you come up with some ideas.

  8. tinlizzy

    tinlizzy Senior Member

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    Hey Paopunky

    What do these things represent that are attractive qualities? A hint: The curl of my lips probably isn't a frown.
  9. Paopunky10 New Member

    Big Spring, Espanol
    ok i cant translate this one at all.
  10. cuchuflete

    cuchuflete Senior Member

    Maine, EEUU
    Welcome to the forums, Paopunky10.

    Before continuing with this assignment, please take a few minutes to review the
    way we try to work here:

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    This is what it includes for schoolwork: — Schoolwork/ Homework

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    We look forward to working with you.

  11. tinlizzy

    tinlizzy Senior Member

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    Hint: Like the ride of your shorts.
  12. AngelEyes

    AngelEyes Senior Member

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    I would say the "ride of my breast" means the slope, curve, and shape of it. need to look at this poem on two levels:

    The literal sense of it, which is what I just wrote here.

    And there's also the symbolic sense of it, which I bet is what your teacher is most interested in seeing if you pick up on.

    We can't do your homework for you, but we're trying to get you to look at this poem in a deeper sense, because that's how Maya Angelou writes.

    She goes below the surface to the inner person.

    If you think about the key words in the beginning - how this woman isn't beautiful in the usual sense, and yet she's perceived as beautiful because of how she sees herself and projects that strength of beauty to the world, then you'll discover a lot of ways to interpret this poem.


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