Another way to write 'murder'

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Sleptikal, Feb 22, 2013.

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    'Murder' in japanese language is written as '殺人'
    At least for me is really complex to understand the meaning of the symbols, so my question basically, is there another way to write 'murder' is japanese?
  2. Flaminius

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    If you are having difficulty with Chinese characters, then, sorry but you have to remember them somehow.
  3. Schokolade

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    Yes, you can also write it as 人殺し[ひとごろし]... :p
  4. puny_god Member

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    You can use 殺害 or 他殺 but as you can see, they have a common denominator: 殺 So it is useful to remember this Kanji and its meaning because whatever Kanji compound you encounter that contains this will most likely mean "murder"
    I remember how I actually memorized this Kanji. In class, we were doing radicals for the first time and we were at るまた. So my teacher said: katakana メを書いて,木を書いて,るまた...and there you have it: MURDER.
    I have never forgotten this kanji and the radical るまた :D

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