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I’m trying to find a better word for “dominate” in the following sentences. It feels to me that “dominate” has more of a “subdue” meaning rather than “having deep knowledge about something”, which is the case. Can someone suggest another word for that?

- The company dominates these practices and implements agile solutions

- The company dominates the challenge of working with multiple technologies within the same client.

- The company dominates the use of cognitive rule engines

Thanks a lot!
  • Cenzontle

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    You are right about the problem with "dominate". Possible improvements:
    "The company has met the challenge of..."
    "The company has mastered the use of..."
    For me, the present perfect sounds better than the present tense. I'm not sure why.
    "The company has expertise in these practices..."
    See what others suggest.

    london calling

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    No, I wouldn't use 'dominate' to mean “have deep knowledge about something”. I can understand why you think it could, as 'dominate' in Latin means 'to master', amongst other things.

    As CZ says, you meet a challenge and master a use.
    I like Cenzontle's second rendering, "The company has mastered...." The others seem not quite accurate; missing is the idea of superiority or pre-eminence.

    For example, instead of "The company has met the challenge", I would say, "The company has overcome the challenge..."
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