ans Herz gefasst

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    I have been looking for the meaning of the expressión "sich ans Herz fassen", but I can't find a clear explanation that matches with the sentence I have:

    "Peter und Caro haben sich ans Herz gefasst und die Kosten des Kurses um 10 % gesenkt".

    I have found in some dictionaries that it means "to gather the courage to do something", but that doesn't really make sense in this context. Can it also mean "to make an effort" o "to make a sacrifice", i.e., "do something you don't really want to do"? Or maybe the expression is not correctly used in this sentence?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Ampelfrau

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    Galego/Spanish, Spain
    I somehow feared, as you say, that the idiom was not really appropriate for the sentence in which it was used...
    Thanks for the explanation and the suggestion! :)

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