answer to questions; transcribe to paper [preposition]

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Please see below. Is the use of "to" after them and before "the questions" right? It the use of "the" before answers and questions right? The questions mean that the interview questions that respondents answered. Thank you.
I used audio to record the answers to the questions and then transcribed them to paper to keep track of data and emerging understandings (i.e., reflective log).
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    Hello eunkum, your use of "to" is correct in both cases. You could also say "onto paper". That would address the (arguably) clunky succession of four "to"s in the same sentence.


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    Hello. I didn't want to open a new thread for my question, and jumped into this one.

    The first sentence is from Merriam-Webster Dictionary, whereas the latter from the English-Turkish section of WR Dictionary:

    1. "The actress wore an outlandish dress to the awards ceremony."
    2. "I was embarrassed when my son showed up to church in outlandish clothes."

    Is it possible to replace them with for and at respectively?

    In the first, I didn't know I could use to in that sense. It reminded me of the controversy over "I took her out to/for dinner". I would prefer for because it indicates a purpose---her purpose of wearing the dress.


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    Yes. 'For' suggests that the dress was specially chosen or made for that occasions.
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