antatachi dake demo nigeru n da!


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koko wa boku ga kuitomeru.
antatachi dake demo nigeru n da!

I know this translates as: I'll hold them here. You all run away!

But I'm not understanding what the "dake demo" means in this sentence.
  • wathavy

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    dake = only.
    demo = even if
    So, 'anatatachi dake demo nigerun da.' is
    'Even if only you should run away.'
    Which I guess is properly done.

    But 'demo' is normally 'but'. And in this sentence I think you cannot divide two of them like I did above.
    'dakedemo' = ' even if only '
    should have been the sentence.

    But again, this might be my mistake. I don't well deserve to answer properly on Japanese grammar, since it is quite complicated for me.

    > antatachi dake demo nigeru n da!

    How about adding "iikara" after demo like this?
    ==> antatachi dake demo iikara, nigeru n da! (あんたたち だけでも いいから 逃げるんだ!)

    Then it will be translated as the following by steps:

    "I don't care if it's just you guys to do that, but run away!"
    ==> "I want just you guys to run away!"
    ==> "You guys, run away!"
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