Ante diem vi idvs maias / mmxiiii

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  1. Avaci New Member

    Hi everybody,

    This might seem a bit unorthodox but I want to have the date '10th of May 2014' in Latin tattooed on my foot, and I want to be absolutely sure of the correct Latin spelling of it.
    I taught I'd maybe give it a shot on this forum (my apologies if this is disturbing), and hope some of you could give the final piece of mind to take the final step towards ink.

    From the resource I did the next spelling seems to be the (most) correct one:

    Some further questions:
    - Are there several options to spell the date?
    - Are the dots necessary or optional?

    Thx for your time!
  2. Schimmelreiter

    Schimmelreiter Senior Member

    a.d. VI Id. Mai. an. p.Chr.n. MMXIV

    ante diem sextum Idus Maias anno post Christum natum bis millesimo quarto decimo

    post scriptum
    I was taught IV. I'm aware IIII is also possible.
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  3. Avaci New Member

    Hi Schimmelreiter,

    thanks for your reply.

    So your conclusion is that it is advisable to use 'IV' in stead of 'IIII'? (MM.X.IV).
  4. Schimmelreiter

    Schimmelreiter Senior Member

    is 10 May 2014.

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