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    Which is the correct plural form of Antenna in English?

    Thanks a lot.

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  3. mramos Member

    Thanks a lot. And sorry that I´ve answered so late.
  4. Outsider Senior Member

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    Actually from my Oxford dictionary:

    antenna / &n"ten@ / n
    a (pl -nae / -ni: /) (Zool) antena f
    b (pl -nas) (Rad, TV) antena f

    So for bugs/animals antennae and for radio/tv antennas (I sure didn't know that before). I guess there is some logic to it, by common usage among zoologists and tv repairmen
  6. jacinta Senior Member

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    I have never heard anyone say "antennae" when talking about car antennas so I suppose that rule is good.

    The boys broke off all the antennas of the cars in the parking lot.
  7. mramos Member

    That's really very interesting. I work with technical issues and I've always used Antennas, but last days I've been reading some technical documents and someone was using Antennae as plural for Antenna. But obviouslly it was wrong, taken the context into account.

    Thanks a lot!


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    Antenna is pure latin. Plural: Antennae. The scientists respect the original plural in Latin, It is the typical treatment for Latin words in many lenguages. As word admitted into English language, 'antennas' is so correct as 'antennae'.

    I'm sure boys don't know they usually break off antennae.
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    What about in Spanish?

    Is the plural "antena" or "antenas"?
  10. mhp Senior Member

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    Mil gracias, mhp. El link es muy útil.

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