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    Hello everybody!!

    Anyone can explain me what's the difference between these two concepts: anthropomorphism and personification.

    I know there is a difference but i can't grasp it. I am not even sure about the diference in spanish... if there is any diference.

    Thanks in advance! ^,^

    PD: I'm dealing with these two concepts in the literary aspect.
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    Hi Die Go!

    There appears to be a slight difference, and here is a little light bedtime reading :eek::D for you, comprising dictionary definitions, and two websites that purport to show the differences between the two terms:

    From the last of these above, you will find this:

    Personification is a kind of description that gives animals, ideas, or objects the qualities of being human.
    Example - The sun hid behind the clouds.

    Anthropomorphism describes animals or objects with human qualities.
    Example - Bugs Bunny​

    Hope this helps a little, and best of luck.​
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