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Hello everybody!!

Anyone can explain me what's the difference between these two concepts: anthropomorphism and personification.

I know there is a difference but i can't grasp it. I am not even sure about the diference in spanish... if there is any diference.

Thanks in advance! ^,^

PD: I'm dealing with these two concepts in the literary aspect.
  • Hi Die Go!

    There appears to be a slight difference, and here is a little light bedtime reading :eek::D for you, comprising dictionary definitions, and two websites that purport to show the differences between the two terms:

    From the last of these above, you will find this:

    Personification is a kind of description that gives animals, ideas, or objects the qualities of being human.
    Example - The sun hid behind the clouds.

    Anthropomorphism describes animals or objects with human qualities.
    Example - Bugs Bunny​

    Hope this helps a little, and best of luck.​
    Both personification and anthropomorphization assert intangible human characteristics-such as consciousness and thought- onto an inanimate object, entity or animal. The difference is that anthropomorphization imposes physicall or tangible human characteristics onto the subject to suggest an embodiment of the human form. To avoid confusing the two terms, think of the physical metamorphosis of the entity into human form when dealing with anthropomorphization.
    By the way, neither term is not be confused with the metaphorical representation of any entity in another form!
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