Anti-cancer fragmentation bomb

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    Hello everyone,
    I did not know that a fragmentation bomb could be used in brain surgery also.
    According to :
    It is a revolutionnary technique for brain tumors used by neuro-surgeons in Israel.
    I am looking for the word in hebrew.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. origumi Senior Member

  3. Tararam Senior Member

    Is it a cluster bomb? if so, it's פצצת מצרר in Hebrew.

    Sounds scary.
  4. origumi Senior Member

    פצצת מצרר usually translates cluster munition / bomb but not fragmentation bomb. So it's a different thing I guess.
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    This sounds similar to what you are referring to:,7340,L-4161633,00.html פצצה "רדיואקטיבית" נגד סרטן.
    But from what I've seen from the above posts the closest translation would be פצצת רסס נגד סרטן but this doesn't yield any search results on google.
  6. rolmich Senior Member

    french (France)
    Thanks everybody for your help.

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