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I want to say a movie has good story development, a good build-up before the ending. Like a protagonist experiences an apocalypse but it turns out to be a dream, which really kills the whole movie.

So, does "anti climatic ending" have a sense of lowering the overall quality of a movie? Or is it suitable to say "the ending drags down the whole movie"?
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    I would say to use "anti climatic ending". You could also reference that it is a holistic movie (the ending brings you back to the beginning). There are many books/movies that do that. Someone on here may know the exact literary device (or phrase). I believe there is one, but I cannot recall my friend, redgiant :)


    EDIT:The ending after the climax (may be called ending or dénouement):
    closed ending OR opened ending. In a closed ending there a solution/resolution to the main themes such as the death of Don Quijote or finding out the killer in a police novel. If the action remains incomplete or without resolution it's considered an opened ending. Ex: Scarlett O'Hara yelling "Tomorrow is another day" in Gone With the Wind. If the good guys are rewarded and the bad guys punished it's called "poetic justice"
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