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For me, the EN here is wrong. It could be: anticipate that [sth] will do [sth]

But in the example it should be:
The *doctors *expected the results of the blood work to arrive on Tuesday....

anticipate [sth] to do [sth] v expr(expect)esperar que algo haga algo loc verb
The doctor anticipated the results of the blood work to arrive on Tuesday, but they were delayed.
Los doctores esperaban que los resultados del análisis de sangre llegaran el martes, pero se retrasaron.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your message. I agree. I can't recall ever seeing 'anticipate' used this way and I can't find any evidence in other dictionaries that suggests it is a common usage. Therefore I've removed the sense (anticipate that sth will do sth is covered by the 'with clause' sense below). You'll see this change after the next dictionary update.

    Example sentences are always written in the source language (the language you see on the left of the page - so English in this case) and translated into the target language. Therefore, it was actually the Spanish translation that was wrong. There's no reason why 'doctor' couldn't be singular in the English sentence