anticoagulant ou antiagrégant plaquettaire


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I'm having a bit of trouble finding the correct translations for these terms, and don't want to translate it incorrectly, since it is a medical term.

anticoagulant ou antiagrégant plaquettaire

Here is a bit of context:
...savoir si quelqu’un est sous traitement anticoagulant ou antiagrégant plaquettaire...

My try (nonetheless):
...whether a person is undergoing anticoagulant or anti-platelet treatment...

That sounds a bit odd to me, but maybe I'm just not familiar with the terminology.

I thought it might be blood thinners, but then I saw from a previous post that,

blood thinner : fluidifiant sanguin

This is kind of a technical question, but it seemed likely that one of the really helpful people on WR might know the correct translation!
  • jaimeerinirene

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    Thanks to a dictionary suggestion from Ellea1, I found what I think is a possible translation!

    ...whether a person is undergoing an anticoagulant or platelet aggregation inhibiting treatment...

    If anyone knows otherwise, don't hesitate to let me know! :)
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