But the tabloids and the cable TV channels have gone overboard in a prurient pursuit of personalities whose antics are of no real consequence and certainly have no relevance to responsible journalism.

Does a prurient pursuit mean a lustful pursuit?
Second, I'm not sure if antics refer to absurd or exaggerated movements or behaviors intended to amuse people.
  • niresh

    Egypt- Arabic/French/English
    Hi - i think that "prurient pursuit" here refers to the media's excessive desire to uncover the gory details of the personalities' lives ....
    as for "antics", the author of this sentence perceives that those personalities' behaviour is meaningless and only worthy of derision (absurd, yes, intentionally so?)
    hope this helps...
    OUt of interest, why are you scrutinizing this particular line?

    Harry Batt

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    USA English
    I think it is safe to say that a pruient pursuit is lustful from the sense that the TV media is searching for "dirty items" such as illicit relationships, sexual behavior and that ilk. Now antics is a broad term which covers behavior that can be absurd and intended or not intended to amuse. Eg. A man who gets married for the 8th time. It is rather absurb behavior but is also amusing. Hope this confirms your viewpoint.
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