1. Margash Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Spanish - Mexico
    Hi everyone,

    I'm translating a tourist brochure from Spanish into English. I've run into several "antiguo colegio", "antiguo convento". Would the translation be "former"?


  2. karoshi Senior Member

    Mexican, Spanish
    Former es correcto, es para indicar que en el pasado tuvo alguna otra función -diferente a la actual quizás.
  3. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
  4. Margash Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Spanish - Mexico
    Thanks. In this case, it would be former as the convents and schools are no longer in service and have been turned into museums.


  5. jmt261 Member

    Yes, I would assume that here "antiguo" would mean old, meaning former, but it seems that the locations are maintained historically to be visited as they were formerly, (i.e., the former convent is still visited by tourists and is still set up as a convent, not a site that was formerly a convent and now is a school.)

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