1. jessiemsy Senior Member

    United States/English
    does anyone know what this word means? i dont' have much context, just

    tengo tu antilico
  2. WongFeiHung

    WongFeiHung Senior Member

    USA English
    I think jessiemsy is referring to the song "Pa'l Norte" by Calle 13. Maybe it's Puerto Rican?
  3. tehuitzingo New Member

    US English
    I too wondered because of Pal Norte.
    I found it in a Spanish translation of the Iliad - a Greek warrior Antilico (same in English) who went to Troy for revenge. Makes sense - whether that's what Calle 13 means, I don't know.
    Also the name of the second brightest star in the constellation Hercules, likely the same reference.
  4. Samael New Member

    Puerto Rico Spanish
    Calle 13 does not say "Tengo tu Antilico" on "Pal Norte".. He says "Pero Tranquilito"..., wich means something like I'm Tranquil, peacefull, something like that..

    tengo tu antidoto - Pal que no tiene identidad
    Somos identicos - Al que llego sin avisar
    Pero tranquilito - Para los que ya no estan, para los que estan y los que vienen

    I got your antidote - For those without identity
    We are identical - To those who came unanounced
    But Tranquil - For those who are not here, for those who are and those about to come

    And what exactly is "Puerto Rican?... are you reffering to the "language"? Cuz last time I checked my language was still called SPANISH
  5. WongFeiHung

    WongFeiHung Senior Member

    USA English
    Thanks for the help Samael
    I thought it was clear I was referring to the dialect. If it wasn't I'm sorry
  6. Boricua1108 New Member

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico- Español
    Mano, tranquilo...I'm sure she is referring to the fact that los boricuas have their own type of Spanish and we use a lot of words that are not used in many others countries. I know that when I speak with people from South America or wherever, they always ask me what some word means.
  7. heaven4hel New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Antilico: it refers to a mix between the words "Antidoto" (antidote) and "Etilico" (ethylic)
  8. Ollantay New Member

    espagnol Pérou


    1. Que es contrario al liberalismo y a quienes lo defienden:
    el sandinismo fue un movimiento revolucionario y antiliberal.

    2. adjetivo/nombre común
    [persona] Que es contrario al liberalismo y a quienes lo defienden.
    nombre masculino
    Doctrina política, económica y social que es contraria al liberalismo.

    (fuente: http://www.diccionarioweb.org/d/ES-ES/antilico)
  9. degelitos New Member

    To respond to this:

    "And what exactly is "Puerto Rican?... are you reffering to the "language"? Cuz last time I checked my language was still called SPANISH[/QUOTE]"

    .....True that their terminology was incorrect but I think they are referring to "colloquial Spanish distinct of Puerto Rico".
    Yes, Puerto Ricans use words or phrases different from other Spanish speaking countries/territories.
    But I agree with the reference that antilico could very well be a reference to a greek warrior. Nice observation and reference to classic literature.

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