Antinucleaire... pro nucleaire?

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  1. Bonjour,
    I am wondering how to translate "nuclear friendly", or the opposite of "antinucleaire", for the following sentence:

    "Menant le parti conservateur à cette fin était Robert Muldoon, un personnage qui est devenu fameux pour ses politiques nucleaire-aimable ???"

  2. itka Senior Member

    Nice, France
    I'd say :
    "...pour sa politique pro-nucléaire".
  3. beloitcollege New Member

    Maybe "favorable" would be a good choice. Are you talking about nuclear power, or nuclear weapons?
  4. Falene Member

    Fr - Normandy & Paris
    I guess "en faveur du nucléaire" could do.

    "un personnage qui est devenu fameux/célèbre pour ses politiques/prises de position(?) en faveur du nucléaire"

    I suggest you try to invert the sentence, too : "[Verb]ing something was someone" sounds weird in french if translated litteraly.
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  5. Thanks very much for your responses. Muldoon was more for keeping links with America, and therefore not quite as anti-nuclear as many other NZ politicians!
    So, just pro-nuclear in general

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