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    En el lenguaje de antivirus se usa "antiphising" para referirse a que evita que te roben información de modo fraudulento por internet... ¿Es correcto "anti-phising" en inglés o se escribe de otro modo? Thanks.
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    Hola, Darey, he encontrado ésto:

    a.k.a. carding or brand spoofing or hoax e-mail
    (pronouced: fish-ing)

    An online scam in which the perpetrator sends out a large number of legitimate looking e-mails that appear to come from respected companies (such as Citibank, eBay, PayPal, MSN,, Yahoo, BestBuy, AOL, etc.) with the intent of "fishing" for personal and financial information from the recipient. These e-mails are falsely claiming to be the respected company who needs the user's information to update their files, when in fact, it is an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will later be used for identity theft.

    The phony e-mail directs the user to go to a Web site with the logo of the respected company, where they are asked to update personal information (such as passwords and credit cards, social security numbers, and bank account numbers) which the legitimate organization already has. The Web site, however, is bogus and has been established only to steal the users' information. The e-mail usually includes a threat stating the user's account will close if they do not receive this updated information in a specified time period.


    Phishing is a variation on the word "fishing," with the idea that bait is thrown out in the hopes that while most will ignore it, some will be tempted into biting. Phishing can be a noun or a verb, while "a phish" or "a phisher" is the person doing the phishing.


    No creo que aún haya una traducción; de hecho, seguimos usando muchos términos en inglés para referirnos a Internet (y a la informática en general).

    Esperemos a los expertos.

    Saluditos. EVA.
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    Gracias a los dos :D :thumbsup:

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    De nada, Darey; buscar esta información me ha resultado muy instructivo...

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