antiques that verged on rubbish for sale

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Alex Coseff

Senior Member

I just want to make sure if I undertand correctly the bit in bold. Does it suggest that these antiques could be labelled as old worthless rubbish? However, I'm not sure why for sale is added...

I'd be grateful for your help.
Many thanks.

Background info: It's the day of Harvest Fayre

G.M. Malliet: Wicked autumn
"There were displays of wrestling and tests of strength for the men, and antiques that verged on rubbish for sale, and rubbish from atticks that might include a pirate's treasure - one never knew."
  • Andygc

    Senior Member
    British English
    There were antiques for sale. "verged on rubbish" modifies "antiques".
    It's not {antiques}{that verged on}{rubbish for sale}
    It's antiques (that verged on rubbish) for sale
    If it didn't say "for sale" it could mean that there was a display of antiques to admire. (It's actually quite a good description of a large proportion of the "antiques" for sale in many antiques centres in Britain :rolleyes:)
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