antonym for missing


Spanish - SA

is there a single word that could be used as the contrary of missing, in the context of missing documents for example, or missing parts, etc

thank you
  • "found"?

    That implies that they were missing, but not any more.

    "Present" would imply that you know right where they are, and they were never missing in the first place.
    Perhaps "available" is what you want: e.g., "The missing files might provide more information, but from the available documents we can conclude that ...."
    it was more like a reply with humour, " there are no parts missing, there are parts .... (antonym for missing --- more than "available")
    could it be = abound ?
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    "Abound" is a verb, meaning "to be present in large numbers." I wouldn't say it's an antonym of "missing," but you could probably make it work for your purposes.
    I also just thought of "parts galore." "Galore" is never used outside a jocular context in the first place, so it might be what you want.
    If there are, inexplicably, more parts than there should be, you can say that there is an embarrassment of parts.