Antonym of "bright future"

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  1. esl101 Member

    What is the opposite of having a bright future?

    For example, the newspaper business has a ??? future because it is a declining business.

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  2. Grefsen

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    One antonym of "bright" that could be used in your example is "dim."
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  3. gramman

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    You can provide information about just how non-bright things are expected to get. I think of dim as "not so good, but not as bad as it might be." Like a light that's still there, but at a lesser level of luminosity. Something like bleak would indicate that prospects are quite bad. Ominous sound even worse. Hopeless is about the bottom of the barrel.
  4. esl101 Member

    Thanks. How does bleak compare to gloomy?
  5. irinet

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    Bright = full of promise or hope. This means that 'hopeless', 'bad auspicious', 'not so promising', fit the context. If 'hopeless' is not enough, you need synonyms of 'hopeless' that go with 'future'.
  6. esl101 Member

    Thanks all for your comments.
  7. I was going to say that the antonym of 'bright future' would be 'gloomy past', but that doesn't seem to be what you are looking for.

  8. PaulQ

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    Bleak is less figurative than gloomy given the context; I quite like 'bleak' as a solution to your problem. 'Bleak' collocates well with 'future'.
  9. bonbon2023

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    Deducing from the below sentence, I assume the antonym of 'bright future' would be 'grey future'.

    The Anvils go under the hammer of administration. The Celebrant have nothing to celebrate and the Monochrome face a decidedly grey future.

    Additionally, though it can be off-topic, I've found synonym for the phrase in the following sentence.
    Truly the future is bright--the future is blue.
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  10. velisarius Senior Member

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    Bonbon, "the future is blue" quote is from a speech by a British Conservative M.P. Blue is the colour traditionally associated with the Conservative Party (its flags, advertising, etc.) ;) He is just saying that the future is looking good for his constituency because of his party's policy.
  11. sound shift

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    "Grim" springs to mind: "The future looks grim".

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