antonym of 'extend an antenna/aerial'

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Jekyll Grim Payne

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Hi. I have been unable to find what verb should be used when I'm talking about the action that is opposite to extending an antenna. Would that be to contract, to retract or something else?
  • sdgraham

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    USA English
    Without knowing what type of antenna you are talking about, it's impossible to say with certainty.

    A satellite dish, after all, is an antenna. So is a 10-meter wire strung betwee two points.

    If, by chance, you're talking about a telescoping antenna that one might find on a cotroller for a radio-controlled model car or boat, I would use "collapse."


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    English (UK then US)
    My first thought (for the "extending" action, telescoping type you mention) would be retract. Going from "fully retracted to fully extended" I would use "extend" and the antonym would be "retract". Only if I ws trying to maximize the signal from some radio station by adjusting the length would I use the terms "shortening" or "lengthening" such an aerial:D


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    Looking around, I see lots of extend and retract used in relation to antennae. It was the term used routinely with car (automobile) antennae back in the days when we had such things.
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