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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Moggie, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Moggie Senior Member

    Hello, I have a doubt about the use of plural nouns after any.

    An example might be "In case you have any doubt" or "In case you have any doubtS"
    Or else, with another term: Suggestion "Have you any suggestion ?" or "have you any suggestions ?"
    I mean, is there a difference between the two and, if yes, what is it ?
  2. boozer Senior Member

    Well, as you might expect, the difference consists in the number of doubts/suggestions you are supposed to have. When the singular is used, you are expected to have one, if any at all. When the plural is used you just might have more than one doubt/suggestion.

    I suppose this is not some shocking revelation to you, though. :D
  3. Moggie Senior Member

    Thank you boozer. Actually, not that shocking :)
    I was thinking about possible differences in meaning between the two forms, though.
    I'm trying to think about an example, maybe this can do:
    "This shirt is available in any colour" and/or "This shirt is available in any colours".
    Is there a difference in meaning between the two, or they mean express the very same idea ?
  4. boozer Senior Member

    In the first case I would assume the shirt was a single colour and you could choose the one you liked - black or green or white, etc. In the second case I would think it was a colourful shirt that came in any combination of colours.

    All of that unless, of course, context suggested otherwise.
  5. Moggie Senior Member

    Better late than never, thanks :eek:

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