Any expression or idiom for "Revealing a secret"

Discussion in 'English Only' started by diminished7th, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Is there any expression or idiomatic sentence meaning "revealing a secret"?
    And by any chance containing the word "bean" or "beam" or any word with the pronunciation like these two.

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    Hi 7th. You're probably thinking of spill the beans which can mean 'reveal a secret'. There's also let the cat out of the bag.
  3. diminished7th Senior Member

    Oh yea. Some one told me this expression but I didn't hear it correctly :confused: I just felt it should have such meaning.
    The story was about a priest who had a child for 20 years and an agreement was made between the mother and church principal due to her remaining silent and they paying her monthly and it went on for 20 years. But when the boy was known to have brain cancer they refused to pay for medications and the mother spilled the bean to media one of which was CNN. The boy passed away a couple of days ago.
    Thanks ewie
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    :thumbsup:It fits nicely in there.
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    Good morning.

    "To spill the beans" is a fixed expression. It requires "beans", even where a single secret is involved: "bean" does not work.
  6. diminished7th Senior Member

    I found something that I think it's nice to be mentioned here:

    The origin of Spill the Beans is not clear, although the word ’spill’ can be used alone or with other words to mean the same thing, as in ’spill your guts’.
    A popular belief as to the origin of the phrase dates back to ancient Greece, when existing members of secret societies voted upon applicants by placing either a black bean or a white bean in a jar. If the jar was knocked over before the conclusion of the ceremony, the results would be prematurely revealed. This theory is not possible, however, as the phrase dates back only to the early part of the twentieth century in the United States.

    I appreciate to know any other story about the origin of this expression.

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