any former model worth her salt


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ecco il contesto: indagine di polizia. Interrogatorio di sospettata.

Polizia: Derek took 25 grand from an account that initially led us in circles-- the Sunfire account.

Sospettata: Well, this isn't possible. I didn't even sign this. Wait a minute.September 29th? I wasn't evenin the country

Polizia: We know.The date it was signed? Smack-dab in the middleof Paris Fashion Week. I knew that any former model worth her salt would've been there, and of course, after checking flight records, you were in Paris.

Non capisco il significato di "worth her salt"

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  • dulwich

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    Ïn old times people were sometimes paid in salt-cake as it was a form of currency. (salt was an important commodity in preserving food.). "Worth her salt" therefore literally means worth her wages but puli dog's tranlation gives the gist of the expression.
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