any question or any questions


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Here are two sets of words to consider:

1) any question vs 2) any questions

Which one is naturally and grammatically correct? I often see number two in writing, even formal writting. Personally, I think number 2 is incorrect because the noun that follows the word "any" should be a singular noun. Here is the evidence: anyone, anybody.
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    "anyone" and "anybody" are not good examples, because "one" and "body" are not words that follow "any". In this case, they are part of a single word. anyone is a word, and you cannot look at the pieces separately. Consider this:

    Boss: What are your reasons for showing up late to work?
    Employee: I'm sorry, I don't have any.

    Clearly "any" refers to something which is plural (reasons).

    In any case, "any question" and "any questions" are both correct (or incorrect) depending on the context.

    A) Does anyone have any questions?
    B) Please write down one question that you will ask the speaker. You may choose any question you like.

    are both correct.
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