any straight lines, a basic element of art [apposition?]

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    He aspired to be an artist and majored in art, but only found that he could not draw any straight lines, a basic element of art, because of his shaking hands.

    This sounds fine to me, but my grammar part said no.
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    What do you mean by "grammar part", Rethliopuks? Are you talking about software that checks English grammar for accuracy?

    If I were writing the sentence, I'd probably use "a straight line": ,but found that he couldn't draw a straight line, a basic element of art,...

    I can't think of any reason why "any straight lines" should be wrong, however. If you are using an automatic grammar-checker, it might not like the apposition of "lines" and "a basic element of art". I advise you to ignore the machine if that is indeed what is troubling you.
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