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Maybe you have seen this pizza hut commercial. At the end it says Any Pizza, Any Crust, Any Size, Any Toppings for $10.

I feel like this should be topping, not toppings, just by feel for the language. Can anyone give me some proof of what the correct way should be? This commercial bothers me ALOT! :)))

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    Any toppings is correct -- each topping is an item: mushrooms, onions, olives, chilis, etc. It doesn't mean each topping is $10. It means any and all toppings you want are included in the $10 price of the pizza. Now you can relax, order a pizza with all the toppings... and only pay $10. There's no charge for this peace of mind. :)


    I've ordered their 10 dollar special quite a few times. It's a pretty good deal! And yes, it is toppings, because you can choose many more than just one topping.
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