Any words for a person working in a boutique?

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  • heypresto

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    It might depend upon what sort of boutique, and what position or level of responsibility the person holds.

    There are probably many possible words. Assistant? Adviser? Manager? Manageress? Cashier? Customer Care Operative? Retail Therapist?


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    The one helping the customers to find their clothes with appropriate sizes and clours,...


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    IN a boutique, it's probably just the "salesperson." In a more elaborate setting, like a very large store, there might be a "personal shopper" who helps an individual in finding clothing. But if it's a small store, I would just say "salesperson" (or if it is a specific individual, you could say "saleswoman" or "salesman" as appropriate.)


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    I must be living under a rock: "retail therapist", and "customer care operative"!! heypresto, I am SO impressed! I would just have called him/her a sales clerk, but I guess I really need to get out more ;)
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