"Anyone watch this A but not watch B"? (A and B are names of movies)


["Is this question grammatically right?" Original question added to post. DonnyB - moderator]
Anyone watch this A but not watch B"?
A, B: Movies' names
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  • Franco-filly

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    English - Southern England
    You might hear "Anyone watch..?" in (very) casual conversation but it should be "Did anyone watch...?
    You would not need "this" before the name of the movie.

    Uncle Jack

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    I agree that "this" appears to be wrong (and, of course, in grammatical English, you need "did" at the beginning), but I think the second "watch" is natural. It is an unusual thing to ask and, being unusual, I think the speaker would make it clearer by saying "but not watch". If the sentence began with "did" then it could be "but didn't watch".
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