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    Tureng gives four idioms for this phrase, viz.
    1) olmasın da ne olursa olsun [what does it mean literally?]2) hariç hiç biri
    3) hiç de değil
    4) tam tersine
    but do they really convey the nuance of the English idiom which is used to mean the opposite of the stated quality:
    'She's meant to be really nice but she was anything but [nice when I met her]'.
    would a better Turkish equivalent be tam aksine?
  2. SARI7

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    it's the number 4 that covers the meaning in your sentence. It means "exactly the opposite" or "quite the opposite". tam aksine is also appropriate, but tam tersine sounds more natural.
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    Thanks, SAR17. Can you also give me the liiteral translatıon of olmasın da ne olursa olsun. I know what it means viz. 'anything but xxxxx' e.g. 'anything rather than this' is 'bu olmasın da ne olursa olsun' but it is the literal meaning I am after.
  4. Reverence Senior Member

    The first item literally means," Let it be whatever it will be, as long as it is not [...]"

    As for the translation of the example, you have several options, including the following:

    Gerçekten nazik olmaya çalışıyordu, ancak hiç de nazik değildi.
    Gerçekten nazik olmaya çalışıyordu, ama nezaketle alakası bile yoktu.
    Gerçekten nazik olmaya çalışıyordu, ama nezaketin yanından bile geçemedi.

  5. rupertbrooke Senior Member

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    Thanks, Reverence. Very helpful as usual on this site.
  6. Reverence Senior Member

    Anytime, and I much appreciate...being...appreciated? Should have gotten some sleep before coming online, I guess.

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