anything else that needs to be done on my behalf

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  1. scoob26 Senior Member

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    Hi again,

    I'm trying to ask:

    if there is anything else that needs to be done on my behalf before my departure in a very polite way. Here is my try...

    J’aurais voulu savoir si vous avez des dernières questions, suggestions ou demandes qui necessite etre addressé avant que je parte.

    what would you suggest ?

  2. cropje_jnr

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    ... s'il reste encore quelque chose qui je devrais faire avant de partir (?)
  3. zaglae New Member

    France - French
    ...quelque chose QUE je devrais faire ...
  4. jburelle New Member

    french - Quebec
    « Y a-t-il autre chose que je doive faire avant mon départ? »
  5. Wodwo Senior Member

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    Strictly speaking, "on my behalf" means "for me", "on my part", like "de ma part" means "by me".

    This is a distinction that isn't always recognised by English speakers and there's no authority to appeal to, but the sceptical might recall that we can, for example, give thanks on behalf of an absent friend - in other words for someone else.

    So while the translations above are viable translations of "on my part", they are not good translations of "on my behalf". It's not really clear from the original post how the writer understood the phrase, though "by me" seems more likely, but otherwise (and I'm not a native French speaker) maybe:

    Y a-t-il autre chose à faire pour moi avant mon départ?

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