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    I have got three words having nearly the same meaning: Anything - Whatever - All that

    Here's my sentence with each word:

    1] You can take anything you like.
    2] You can take whatever you like.
    3] You can take all that you like.

    That's all. Now, what's the difference between those sentences with each word?

    Thanks in advance =)

  2. Oddmania

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    Anything et Whatever m'ont l'air plus idiomatiques que all that, et je pense que les deux sont plus ou moins semblables. Ce n'est peut-être que moi, mais je perçois une légère nuance quand même entre les deux. Avec anything, j'ai l'impression que vous dites Tu peux prendre tout ce que tu veux, alors qu'avec Whatever, ce serait plus Tu peux prendre une seule chose, mais peut importe ce que c'est, prends celle que tu veux!

    M'enfin, je me trompe peut-être... ;)
  3. Keith Bradford

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    Anything and whatever (common expressions) are identical: they can mean one item or many items, as you wish, unless otherwise restricted. (E.g. you can have three things off this list - take anything/whatever you like.)
    All that (rarer) means as many items as you wish. It won't be restricted in number.

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