Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well


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Hello everybody, I'm struggling with this line. It's looks like a tongue twister! I haven't got the literal meaning but, through contest, this's my suggestion. (more or less)
"Non vale la pena fare nulla a meno che non lo si faccia bene".

I'm right? Thank you.
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    Usually it's shorter: If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.
    My translation: Ciò che va fatto va fatto bene, or Se una cosa va fatta, va fatta bene.


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    Or, quite sarcastically indeed, Se fai una cosa (qualcosa), falla (fallo) bene!



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    An additional comment on the original sentence, as it contains some apparent negatives.
    Anything = qualsiasi cosa (not... anything = nothing)
    at all = anche minimamente (not at all = neanche minimamente, affatto).

    A literal (heavy) translation would be: "Qualsiasi cosa che merita, anche minimamente, di essere fatta merita di essere fatta bene". Tanto per spiegare bene la frase; non ti consiglio questa traduzione!
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