Anyway here you go, found for ya


Hello to everyone,
is my first thread so I'm a little excited...

I've just received an e-mail from a friend of mine that I hadn't seen and
heard for a long time; she wrote to me " Greetings, how are you ?
Anyway here you go, found for ya..."

What does it mean " Anyway here you go, found for ya"
I specify who wrote it is Italian but she can speak English fluently..

Thanks a lot
  • Loob

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    English UK
    Hello Zoolander - welcome to the forums!:)

    I suspect that what your friend is saying is "I have found [something] for you", but to be sure, can you give us the complete sentence?


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    American English
    I'm thinking she's saying that she's found herself for you... by getting in touch. Sort of a Here I am... ta da!


    Thank a lot Loob and Copyright, it feels so good to know that there's someone can help people to know and understand each other...

    Anyway the complete sentence is the one I wrote.... but I think the Copyright's explanation is more fitting....

    Thank you really

    Hear you soon
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