1. hpobsessed07 New Member

    English Canada
    please help me, how do you say this in French?
    " Animals that you can't see anywhere else."

    I just need the last part: " Des animaux que vous ne pouvez pas voir ....."
  2. JackD Senior Member

    Français, Belgique
    Des animaux que vous ne pouvez voir nulle part ailleurs.
  3. Meli. Member

    Mid-west USA
    does this apply in this context as well:

    We will give you the latest information that gives you the insight and knowledge you can't get anywhere else.

    Nous vous donnerons les dernières informations qui vous donnent l'aperçu et la connaissance que vous ne pouvez obtenir nulle part ailleurs.

    Make sense?
  4. XPditif Senior Member

    Planet Earth
    français (France)
    Totally, except for aperçu.
    Depending on the context (which is?), you may find a better translation.

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