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Dear all
Is there a difference between those two terms AP & Acc A before courses in American educational system?
Thanks in advance.
  • Egmont

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    Yes, there is, though they both represent work that goes beyond the regular secondary school curriculum in some way.

    "AP" stands for Advanced Placement. An AP course is specifically intended to cover the material of an introductory college/university course. A student who passes an AP course should be able to skip that course and go directly to more advanced university courses.

    "Acc" stands for Accelerated. (I don't know what the extra "A" at the end means; maybe this school has several types of accelerated courses.) An accelerated course covers the standard secondary school material in less time than usual.

    Students might take accelerated courses in their first years of secondary school. That would give them time to take AP courses in their last year. Alternatively, accelerated courses could free up time for courses in other areas of interest, such as languages, or might enable a student to graduate one year earlier than normal.
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