Apalancate, no te va a reparar el caballo.


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I was watching a Mexican telenovela and there where two rural men who were talking. One young and one older. The younger was making some complaints about a girl that was avoiding him for her own reasons and the older man told the younger the phrase: "Apalancate, no te va a reparar el caballo". Could you, please, tell me what exactly the older man was advising the younger one? Thank you in advance for your responses.
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    apalancar- 4. tr.jerg.Conseguir algo, con astucia o por medios ilícitos. 5. prnl. coloq. Acomodarse en un sitio sin querer moverse de él.
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    Considering the definitions above, I understand it like "Go for her, your horse won't mind!" But then, I am not Mexican, so wait for other opinions.

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    apalancarse v prnl coloquial (clavarse en un sitio) plant yourself vi
    settle in v phrasal


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    Reparar un caballo en México es ponerse sobre sus patas traseras.
    Apaláncate se relaciona en el contexto con montar a caballo.
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