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Can anybody tell me who I can express this sentence in English please?? :)

(It's a gratitude)
"A ___ quien en realidad también siempre estuvo allí, apoyándome, a mi lado y dándome consejos porque a pesar de no tener ninguna obligación por ayudarme lo hizo transmitiéndome toda su sabiduría i pasión por el inglés."

my try:
"To ___ who's in fact always been there too, supporting me, by me(??) and advicing me because (??) despite her lack of... all her knowledge and pasion for the English language"

Thank you so much in advance!
  • galesa

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    english wales
    My try: "To.... who has really alwas been there for me, supporting me, at my side, advising me, for even though they had no obligation to help me they did, passing me all their knowledge and passion for the English language...."


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    Mi versión:

    To ___, who has truly always been there supporting me at my side and giving me advice, because despite having no obligation to help me, she did, passing on to me all of her wisdom and passion for English.
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