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  1. RoCi'S Senior Member

    Hi, I am trying to chek this. Is it well written? The question is What would you like to improve the quality of your life?
    Thanks in advance!

    To improve the quality of my life I would start doing more excersise . I used to play golf three years ago. When I practiced golf I felt free and it was really funny. Nowadays I am not playing golf because I haven´t got enough time.

    Apart from that I would like to spend more time with friends than with the computer. I think that being in front of the computer almost all the time is extremely boring. I admite that the MSN is entretainig but sometimes it gets monotone. So my advise is to go out with friends, go to the cinema, go to some restaurants and so on.

    Finally I will to talk about people who lie. I hate when I notice that someone is lying to me. It is better to say the truth than lying.
    These are my own tips to improve the quality of my life. Do you think I am right?
  2. SeñorO Senior Member

    English - American
    Great job, actually! Mostly just a few spelling errors, but generally shows a solid mastery of grammar for a non-native speaker.
  3. JB

    JB Senior Member

    Santa Monica, CA, EEUU
    English (AE)
    General proofreading requests are not permitted.
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