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    Estoy traduciendo un formulario de inscripción para una compañía de seguros de arrendamiento. me acabo de topar con esta expresión:
    apartment community name que significa? es el nombre del departamento/apartamento.
    y también que significaria Master insurance en este contexto:
    If you do not have existing coverage that satisfies the terms of your lease, you may elect to be added to our community master insurance policy as an additional insured.
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    Apartment Community Name would be the given name which identifies one group of apartments apart from others. Names like "Valley View Apartments", or "The Oaks at West Chester" or "Fox Run" or anything else they can make up to try to make them sound classy!!! Some of them are pretty silly once you actually see them.

    A community master insurance policy would be an insurance policy taken out by the apartment owners and would allow renters to buy into that policy at what could be a discounted rate compared to buying the same coverage on an individual basis.

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    Thank you so much. you cleared all my doubts. :):thumbsup:

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