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Hello everybody

When a person rents an apartment, along with monthly rents, he or she must pay the services provided by the landlord. For example, a landlord hires a cleaner to tidy the apartment, clean the elevator, etc.
So , the tenant and the landlord must share the cost of hiring a cleaner.
Is it correct to say APARTMENT SERVICE CHARGE?
(or APARTMENT SERVICE CHARGES) (I mean some services, not one service)
Or if it's not correct, what is this payment called in English ? (Either UK English or US English)

Thank you in advance.
  • joanvillafane

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    You are describing a situation which is not equivalent to any that I know here in the U.S. Here landlords do not clean individual apartments, unless it is a private contract between the renter and the landlord.

    Cleaning of shared public spaces in the building (the lobby, the elevators, etc.) is not something we pay for separately from the rent.

    But I think you can say "apartment service charge" in your case.


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    When we pay rent in an apartment building, we do not have anything to do with building maintenance, indoors or out. The landlord pays for all of that from the rents he collects.

    Cleaning of individual apartments is the responsibility of the renter. You either clean it yourself or you hire someone to clean it for you.
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