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As it was, penniless, Dior kept up a brave front with an apartment at 10 Rue Royale, and hawked his designs to bigname houses.

The above sentence was written by an British man. When the British say "apartment" what kind of house does it mean? Is it a large mention? I think the above sentence means penniless Dior pretended to be rich living in a good house, right?
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    Because the British writer was writing about Paris, he used the word apartment. This is an approximation of the French word that slipped into English. if he had been writing about London, he would more likely have said flat. (Although the word apartment is used in the UK sometimes, it has a pretentious, snotty conotation in everyday speech.)

    In the context of your quotation, the apartment would have been a series of large, grand rooms in a luxurious apartment building (i.e. a building with apartments in it) in an elegant Parisian street.
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