apertura / abertura

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    This graph shows that both are used, with "apertura" slightly ahead in frequency.
    By the way, "apertura" can also be the event of something becoming open (a session of congress, the Olympic Games, etc.), si no me equivoco.


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    El FONDEU sugiere que estas dos palabras no son siempre intercambiables. Aquí tenéis el artículo. En mi habla personal (valga la redundancia) sí que son intercambiables aunque me inclino más por apertura para acontecimiento oficial y abertura para otros significados.


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    What a great idea to use the n-gram viewer. Very interesting. I wonder if the English word aperture has influenced the Spanish terminology...


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    Hello Everyone,
    I've always used abertura to refer to a literal opening such as an opening on a wall or between rocks leading to a cave, for instance, and apertura to refer to an opening of a new commercial business (a clothing or grocery store, for instance). Just my two cent's worth.
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